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Châteauguay reopens it’s Ecocentre

le jeudi 23 juin 2022
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Par Valérie Lessard


As of July 1st, Châteauguay residents will be able to dispose of their materials as before by taking them to 224, boulevard Industriel; the Ecocentre services will be reopened at its previous location.

Translation Amanda Bennett

Châteauguay residents have had to go to the Beauharnois Ecocentre since January as the city was not able to renew its contract with Le Géant du Conteneur, the company that provided the service on Industrial Boulevard until then. It was not listed on the registry of businesses authorized to issue contracts or subcontracts which was mandatory for this type of public contract.

 Le Géant du Conteneur has been sold to E360S Environnemental 360 Solutions, informed Châteauguay Mayor Eric Allard. It is with the new owner that the city has concluded a $3.5M, 3-year contract with an option for two additional years. It was the only company to have taken part in the call for tenders. It is in compliance with the Autorité des Marchés Publics’ guidelines, mentioned Mr. Allard.

“I’m very pleased that Châteauguay residents will get their Ecocentre back. It’s even in the same location they had been accustomed to frequenting,” he stressed. Châteauguay residents will need to continue to use the Beauharnois Ecocentre until June 30th. “I would like to thank the city of Beauharnois, they helped us out. Without that there would have been service interruptions,” explained the Mayor.

Citizens were not pleased with having to go to Beauharnois to dispose of their materials. “Beauharnois did not accept the same materials as we did, which may have been a source of frustration,” Mr. Allard continued. “Perhaps there was a lack of communication on our part.”

The Ecocentre in a Nutshell

Located at 224, boulevard Industriel in Châteauguay, the Ecocentre is reserved to Chateauguay residents and non-profit organizations that have received authorization from the city. Residents have five free visits per year.

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