Chateauguay plans to spend $15.6 M on road repairs in 2021

Chateauguay plans to spend $15.6 M on road repairs in 2021
Boulevard Saint-Francis (Photo : Michel Thibault)

Roads are receiving the lion’s share of the 2021-2022-2023 triennial immobilization program (PTI) adopted by Chateauguay City Council on November 16.

Of a total of $31.3 M in investments in 2021, close to half is targeting the municipality’s road network for a sum of $15.6 M.

Of that, $6.7 M is forecast for the refitting of St. Francis Blvd. between Salaberry North Blvd. and Tulipes street. Another $2.8 M will be devoted to the temporary makeover of D’Anjou Blvd. and $1 M for the makeover of Deguire Blvd.

Parks and others

The council registered $5 M worth of investments in parks and green spaces, $2 M of which are for water games at Alfred Dorais, Vincent and Elmridge parks, and $1 M to improve Vincent, Concord and G-E Cartier parks.

Retention basin

The elected officials voted in favour of the plan with the lone exception of Francois Le Borgne. He was opposed because of an element present in the program that he wanted to have withdrawn. It was an amount of $800,000 for a retention basin on lot 252. This element is linked to a litigation. Mayor Pierre-Paul Routhier has let it be known that the court could ask the City to do it. Le Borgne believed that it was premature to inscribe it on the PTI list because no judgment has yet been rendered on the case. City Councillor Eric Corbeil said that registration of the project would permit the City to go ahead with it in case of a court decision in this direction.

Councillor Mike Gendron observed that an “important point has been forgotten” in the plan: “replanting some trees”. He reminded that close to 750 sickly or dead trees have been cut down on the City”s territory during the past three years. Mayor Routhier indicated that an amount would be planned in the budget whose adoption was forecast on December 7 after Le Soleil’s deadline.


The immobilization program is presenting projects totalling close to $32 M in 2022 and $37 M in 2023. This includes among other things some $7 M worth of investments in repairing streets, $6 M in parks and green spaces, and close to $6 M in the studies and works of infrastructures to develop the Industrial Park.

(Translation Dan Rosenburg)



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