Citizens can make exchanges at police station

Citizens can make exchanges at police station
La zone existe depuis décembre 2019 - The “neutral meeting” zone at the Chateauguay police station. (Photo : Gracieuseté)

Citizens who conclude a sale with an unknown person through the internet or the classified ads of a newspaper can make an appointment at the Chateauguay police station to complete the transaction.

Translation Dan Rosenburg

A place arranged for that effect has been set up nearby. The zone situated at the exterior is filmed 24 hours out of 24 with the help of a high-definition camera. “No police officer or will be directly observing the exchanges, the recordings are kept for a few weeks after the conclusion of a transaction,” indicates the police department in a communique.

Parents can also make an appointment to exchange the custody of children.

7 police advice


1. Never transmit personal information;


  1. Take images on the screen of advertising, information from the salesperson and of all the exchanges between the parties;


  1. Check the name of the salesperson/buyer on an on-line research motor (Google, Bing, etc.);


  1. Bring only the sum of money necessary to make the transaction;


  1. Do not transfer money to the salesperson before having possession of the goods;


  1. Note the number of the licence number of the other person’s vehicle;


  1. Trust your instinct if you have a doubt or if you are not at ease with the transaction.


(Source:Chateauguay Police)


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