COVID-19 : All Quebec enterprises must close down

Par Michel Thibault
COVID-19 : All Quebec enterprises must close down
(Photo : Courtesy CAQ)

Quebec Premier Francois Legault announced on Monday the closing of all Quebec business enterprises, except those that provide essential services. « We are putting Quebec on pause, » he declared.

Translation Dan Rosenburg

This is because the pandemic in the province has passed on to another stage. » The number of cases of community transmissions is increasing, » Legault justified.

The enterprises will have to close as of midnight Tuesday until April 13. They are urged to close before that, if possible.

Groceries, pharmacies and other enterprises of the food chain, firemen, police, the health network and the media are continuing to operate.

The Premier said « thank you to these people who are going to enable the functioning in the coming weeks. »

Regarding the residences for senior citizens, « we must do everything to prevent the virus from entering, » Legault insisted.

To that effect, the residents are forbidden to go outdoors.

The Quebec Premier urged the citizens to respect his instructions. These, he let it be known, will facilitate a faster return to normal life.

For now, Legault says he is putting his trust in the people. Using force, such as the army, is not in his plans.



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