Waiting hours at the CLSC caused by a computer bug

Waiting hours at the CLSC caused by a computer bug

Some citizens had to wait in line for hours outside the Chateauguay CLSC for blood test on Monday, August 3. This happened while a new formula was however in place to avoid people having to wait patiently in a group.

Translation Dan Rosenburg

“In fact, in the context of the vigilance associated with the situation of COVID-19, the blood sample centres are offering services by appointment only via the Clic Sante work site since March 16, 2020 or for the clientele not having internet access at 1-833-699-2414. This measure enables the reduction of time and assures us that the number of people in our waiting rooms remains small,” explains CISSMO information agent Melissa Gilbert.

“However, on Monday, August 3, a computer problem affected all the Chateauguay CLSC services and caused delays that were out of our control. We are sincerely sorry for the inconveniences this generated for our clientele,” the spokesperson expressed.

According to a citizen who contacted Le Soleil, her 86-year-old father was among those patients on August 3.”My 86-year-old father, with leg and hip problems, had to wait two and a half hours standing in line outside for a blood test with an appointment. At no time was he offered a seat. Barely able to stand anymore, he tried sitting on the sidewalk curb. and could barely get up afterwards,” denounced the woman. “I am outraged at the treatment of patients at the Chateauguay CLSC and their lack of consideration for elderly patients and disorganized line-ups,” she said.

Gilbert assures that corrective measures have been taken to avoid this scenario from repeating itself. “Since then, an extra administrative agent has been added and more wheelchairs have been purchased in order to enable people to sit down and limit the unpleasantness if a similar situation ever happens again,” she explained.


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