Mask covering mandatory in public transport vehicles

Par Michel Thibault
Mask covering mandatory in public transport vehicles
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Public transport users will have to be obliged to wear a facial covering as of Monday, July 13.

Translation Dan Rosenburg

Quebec Premier Francois Legault made the announcement on June 30 at a press gathering. People aged 12 and over who do no have a mask will see themselves forbidden access to a bus and metro. A transition period is still being considered. The transport societies are going to sensitize the users about the obligation during the next two weeks.

“We will give the chance to people to obtain them. Beginning on July 27, people will not be able to enter public transport if they are not wearing a mask,” Legault specified. The measure aims to avoid a return in force of the COVID-19. With the reopening of the businesses and enterprises traffic in public transport is going to increase the Premier reasoned. “When one sees what is happening in the United States, one thought that the situation was under control, but they saw a huge increase in the number of cases because people were closer together. Certain states were obliged to shut themselves up again. The last thing we want in Quebec is to come back to where we were a few months ago,” he stressed.

The mask is not obligatory in public transport for people aged from 2-12 years but is “strongly” recommended. For security reasons, babies from 0-2 years old should not wear them.

The mask remains recommended in public places such as stores. It is not excluded that the mask will eventually be mandatory in these places, the Premier noted. He emphasized that the people who wore the mask were not “afraid, but courageous.”

“People wear the mask to protect others rather than themselves. A person who wears a mask respects others,”” he said.

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